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Businesses and property for sale

28 September 2016

Deloitte manages the sale of businesses and property across Australia. For more information please see the lists below which are regularly updated on this page or subscribe to receive the lists via email.

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Are you looking to buy or sell a business?

Our M&A Advisory team can provide the deal execution expertise of an investment bank without the inherent conflict of interest. Our access to global investors, suite of complementary services and our position as one of Australia’s leading independent advisors sets us apart from boutique advisory firms.

Regardless of whether you need help to buy a business, sell your business or raise capital, our analysis and advice is rigorous and independent. Above all we never put a fee ahead of the right outcome for our clients.

If you’re looking to either buy a business or sell your business with at least AU$15 million turnover, net profit of AU$2 million or assets of AU$10 million, Deloitte can help.