Digital Forensic


Digital Forensic

Deloitte’s Digital Forensic practice is an experienced and established group. With decades of experience we bring value to our clients when they are faced with issues involving technology investigations, cyber forensic incident response, mobile device analysis, expert witness and proactive advisory services.

We help our corporate, government and law firm clients react quickly and confidently in a crisis, investigation or dispute. With our global network, deep industry experience and advanced technology we investigate issues and deliver valuable intelligence to understand the who, why, what, where, when and how. Our dedicated Digital Forensic team leverages skills in data mining, analytics and other advanced technologies to assist clients to interpret and respond effectively to complex issues.

What’s your challenge?

  • Who can help me respond to an incident such as suspected internal IP theft, security breaches and bullying and harassment claims where digital evidence needs to be preserved, documented and analysed?
  • Who can help me validate the authenticity of an email or other electronic document?
  • What can I do if there is an employee suspected of using the corporate network to behave inappropriately, steal corporate data or in some other way breach their employment agreement?
  • Who can assist me to review, create or present digital forensic testimony evidence to successfully support a case?

What can we help with

  • Technology investigations
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Unauthorised use of copyright material
  • Sourcecode analysis
  • Data egress assessments
  • Document authenticity and metadata review
  • Employee related investigations
  • Exiting employee assessments
  • Confidential data leaks
  • Proactive user compliance assessments and investigations
  • Cyber Forensic Incident response investigations
  • Cyber breach and privacy investigations
  • Anton Piller matters
  • Expert witness services

Who we are

  • Experienced and Certified – our digital forensic team comprises staff from around the world including former law enforcement members who can support all types of investigations with industry standard technologies including but not limited to Nuix, Encase and Cellebrite.
  • National – we provide services throughout Australia with secure forensic labs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.
  • Collaborative team – our Digital Forensic specialists work alongside our eDiscovery, eHearing, data scientists and other Forensic practitioners.

You can engage us for one or any combination of these services:

Leveraging our experience, knowledge and practical application we provide guidance and insight into a multitude of situations including cyber forensic and litigation preparedness.

Our professionals have testified in multiple jurisdictions in Australia and around the globe in digital forensic.

We provide a broad and rich investigative and compliance workflow that combines our expertise with cutting edge technology to protect an organisation by identifying threats or issues of concern as they occur.

We undertake in-depth analysis of electronic data from a range of sources providing insight and the interpretation of information.

We work with in-house or external IT providers to build a picture of where critical data resides and how it can be extracted in a manner that maintains its integrity for use in investigations and legal matters.

We collect and preserve data from various electronic devices and data repositories, whether it be computer systems, mobile devices, servers, backup tapes, collaborative platforms, or cloud based storage or applications.

Contact us

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor

Partner, Forensic

  Paul is the National Lead Partner for Digital Forensic and has worked in the forensic technology field around the globe for over twenty years. He has consulted for clients around the globe as to how... More

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