In the face of critical, document intensive reviews, we’ll support and guide you throughout the discovery process with our customisable and defensible end-to-end solutions.

What’s your challenge?

  • Who can help me forensically collect and maintain chain of custody to process a large volume of data for review, and if needed, move my data securely between platforms?
  • How can I meet my needs, timeframe, and budget by suitably combining my own workflows and manual processes with automated solutions?
  • Who can I use to deliver a thorough, transparent process that complies with the law and best practice?

How we can help

  • Deliver end-to-end solutions; forensic collections to Discovery to eHearings
  • Integrate your systems and workflows with ours
  • Tailor methodologies to manage your data effectively
  • Accelerate document reviews
  • Leverage bespoke solutions developed by data scientists
  • EDRM aligned processes and workflows
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and forensic laboratories
  • Secure platforms – including Australian Federal Government approved

Who we are

  • Multi-disciplinary – eDiscovery practitioners work alongside and with our data scientists, digital forensic specialists and eHearing experts.
  • Certified – 12 Relativity Certified Administrators and the first Relativity Master in APAC.
  • Experienced – our senior team members have on average 15 years’ experience in managing large and complex eDiscovery projects.
  • Leaders – Deloitte globally was named a worldwide leader in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide eDiscovery Services 2021 Vendor Assessment.

You can engage us for one or any combination of these service offerings.

We will work with you to map out the various compliance processes and any forecasted document review workflows. This includes an initial free scoping session with two members from our team to understand your requirements and the scope of the project. This way, we can create a unique workspace predesigned with the necessary features and your workflows built in. You will always maintain control and visibility over the project. We will closely monitor overall data size against budget and provide reporting signposts to track project progress against budget.

With our team of processing specialists, we will ensure your data is processed accurately, optimally, and securely. We’ll help you manage the number of searchable documents by excluding duplicate and irrelevant system files, and any other documents in line with your project requirements.

We’ve built our document review services on advanced technology, analytics and the latest Continuous Active Learning methodologies, so that we enhance and accelerate every review process. Maximising the expertise of our data scientists and certified Relativity specialists, together we’ll devise the most efficient review process for your needs. We can further refine the review population to streamline document review and ensure coding consistency.

Because of our verified and repeatable workflows with in-built quality assurance, we can deliver both accurate and efficient results for production. We’ll collaborate to compile the finalised production set and you will always have full visibility on the data to produce. Process automation allows us to respond to tight timeframes and minimise risk.

Contact us

Benny Lee

Benny Lee

Partner, Forensic

  Benny has been with Deloitte for more than 10 years and is the Global Leader of Deloitte Discovery. He specialises in providing technology forensic services to assist his clients in responding to a ... More

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