IP Advantage


IP Advantage

Unlock hidden value

In the knowledge economy, assets that are underpinned by intellectual property are pivotal to competitive advantage. IP assets - such as technology, data and brands - have massive upside potential, but are extremely complex, and can be vulnerable.

In the knowledge economy, only 5% of Nasdaq value and 37% of ASX value is contributed by net tangible assets.

Tech, data and brands have become pivotal drivers of enterprise value. These IP assets have massive upside potential, but are extremely complex and can be vulnerable. Misjudgements can result in squandered opportunities, impairments and erosion of market share.

The days of tech, data and brands being the domain of specific sectors are over. This is reflected in business terminology: agritech, biotech, cleantech, fintech, fueltech, miningtech etc. Across industries, IP assets are used as both disruptive weapons and shields to protect competitive advantage.

Effective strategy and risk management require visibility of the strength and value of IP assets. Yet most companies have poor asset management systems for tech, data and brands. This is partially because few intangible assets appear on balance sheets, but also a function of performance metrics not keeping pace with the evolution from tangible to intellectual assets.

Deloitte’s IP Advantage capability specialises is quantifying, managing and monetising IP assets. Specialist rating and mapping tools provide 360˚ visibility of the economics of tech, brands and data assets. These tools combine with Deloitte’s services in Financial Advisory, Consulting, Risk and Tax - to unlock hidden value and realise competitive advantage.

IP Asset Valuations

IP Asset Royalties

IP Assets in M&A

IP Asset Strategy

IP Asset Governance

  • Tech valuation
  • Brand valuation
  • Data valuation
  • Valuation of early-stage and IP centric enterprise
  • Royalties and licence fee determination
  • IP structuring
  • Input to transfer pricing
  • Value mapping for disruptive M&A
  • IP asset due diligence
  • IP asset rating
  • Brand architecture and strategy evaluations
  • Portfolio management
  • IP monetisation
  • Performance tracking and dashboards
  • IP asset stress checks
  • Development of governance frameworks
  • Reputation risk
  • Board reporting


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Tim Heberden

Tim Heberden

Partner, Financial Advisory

Tim is a specialist in intellectual property valuation, royalty determination and the monetisation of technology, data and brands. He is named in the IAM Strategy 300 – the World’s Leading IP Strategi... More