ACRS Regulatory Outlook 2016


Global change, regional context

Asia Pacific regulatory themes for 2016

This paper sets out the major regulatory themes and reforms that the Deloitte Asia Pacific Centre for Regulatory Strategy believes will impact financial services firms in the region in 2016. It explores these themes at an international and national level, and provides a clear view of the regulatory events expected in the year ahead and beyond.

The themes cover:

  • Substantial changes to how capital requirements are calculated and other ongoing crisis-driven and stability-related reforms
  • Ongoing pressure to improve and demonstrate good conduct and culture
  • Important discussions concerning the interplay between technology and regulation
  • Overlaying these regulatory initiatives, the ever-present challenge of regulatory change implementation.

All four themes reflect the influence of the G-20-led post-crisis international regulatory reform on the Asia Pacific region.  Because of this, 2016 will be an important year for Asia as China assumes the presidency of the G-20 and sets the agenda and tone for the year. The region and its institutions will have a heightened opportunity to voice their opinions on the international agenda and its impact across our divergent financial systems, economic needs and stages of development.  This paper gives a high-level view of the themes that Asia Pacific institutions should be considering for action both internally and within the broader policy context.

While each theme may have a varying relative level of importance across each institution and jurisdiction, we believe that in combination these themes will dominate strategic considerations in the coming period across the Asia Pacific region..

Asia Pacific regulatory themes for 2016

The Deloitte Asia Pacific Centre for Regulatory Strategy

Through regular dialogue with regulators and financial institutions across the region, and in collaboration with Deloitte’s global network, including its existing Centres in EMEA and the U.S., the Deloitte Asia Pacific Centre for Regulatory Strategy provides clients with critical insights and advice on managing the aggregate impact of regional and international regulatory policy. Follow this link for more information on the Centre.

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