Internal Audit Planning Priorities 2018


Internal Audit Planning Priorities 2018

Australian Financial Services Industry

During 2018 Australia’s FSI Chief Audit Executives are going to be faced with a new set of emerging risks which they will have to identify and assess before they impact their organisation’s strategic plans.

Deloitte’s breadth and depth of subject matter expertise in Australia and other global financial centres provides us with a unique opportunity to guide Australia’s FSI Chief Audit Executives in determining which of these risk and control issues they should review and report on to their Board Audit Committees.

This paper identifies the key themes for Australia’s banks, insurers and wealth managers to consider reviewing within their internal audit program.  Underpinning each theme is a tailored set of risk drivers and internal audit planning considerations to enable CAE’s to determine both if they are relevant to your plan and how to embed the item into their plans.

Internal Audit Planning Priorities 2018
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