A Blueprint for Digital Identity


A Blueprint for Digital Identity

Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services

The Blueprint for Digital Identity project is the most recent phase of the World Economic Forum’s ongoing Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services Project in collaboration with Deloitte. This project explores the potential for digital identity in financial services and beyond and lays out a blueprint for the implementation of effective digital identity systems.

Identity is a critical topic in Financial Services today. Current identity systems are limiting Fintech innovation as well as secure and efficient service delivery in Financial Services and society more broadly. Digital identity is widely recognised as a foundational step in enabling digital transformation.

However, while many efforts are underway to solve parts of the identity challenge and create true digital identity, there is a need for a concerted and coordinated effort to build a truly transformational digital identity system.

This report is intended as a guide for Chief Strategy Officers of Financial Institutions as well as policy makers who are interested in the topic of identity and want to understand digital identity and their own potential role in the creation of robust digital identity systems. 

A Blueprint for Digital Identity

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