CFO and CRO Agenda


CFO and CRO agenda 2014

In the forefront

In this bi-annual we collate the latest reg and market updates, highlighting M&A and accounting updates for local and foreign ADIs.

The only constant is change in the current regulatory market environment. To that end Deloitte is determined to assist you keep at the forefront of the regulatory changes as they affect banking and inevitably make demands on the resources, operations and strategic planning in your businesses.

Our inaugural CFO/CRO Agenda is designed to collate the latest regulatory and market updates, highlight some key areas, including Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, regulation and accounting updates, and focus on their implications for local and foreign ADIs.

The issues outlined in each of the articles in this publication are aimed at identifying the challenges and opportunities in the regulatory space and assisting CFOs and CROs stay ahead of the trends and regulatory requirements.

We cover:

  • Recent Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) across the banking sector highlights opportunities for growth
  • Leveraging regulatory pressure to ‘get to strong’
  • Raising the bar in risk management: APRA CPS 220 (Risk Management) and CPS 510 (Governance)
  • Living wills for Australian ADIs
  • Managing client money risk 14AASB 13: Fair Value Measurement
  • Bank licensing.
CFO and CRO Agenda 2014
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