Deloitte 2020 Asia Pacific Investment Management Virtual Tax Conference


Deloitte 2020 Asia Pacific Investment Management Virtual Tax Conference

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The Deloitte 2020 Asia-Pacific Investment Management Virtual Tax Conference was delivered over a series of four webinars during November 2020. We were joined by our global investment management leaders from Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America together with industry and tax authority speakers sharing insights on the major tax developments, risks and opportunities from current global conditions and the latest trends shaping the industry in Asia-Pacific.

On this page, you will have access to the conference materials as well as curated articles and insights developed by Deloitte’s investment management leaders.

Conference Materials


Deloitte Insights

  • Goods and Services Tax

Are you ready for the ATO’s Justified Trust GST Assurance Program?

  • Global information reporting
  1. The web thickens: the expanding world of global information reporting
  2. Deloitte Brochure: AEOI Confidence Reviews
  3. Deloitte Brochure: AEOI Reporting
  4. Video: Learn how clients benefit from being able to turn to a single source from a trusted leader in information reporting with Deloitte’s GIR Tracker.
  5. Video: Learn how clients benefit from and gain valuable insights on their information reporting compliance programs with a GIR Strategic Review.
  6. Video: Learn about Deloitte’s streamlined approach to FATCA and CRS reporting with AEOI Reporter.
  7. Video: Deloitte’s technology enabled tax form validation services, GD360 ensures accuracy and streamlines reporting. Learn more about Deloitte’s Tax Validation Services with GD360.
  8. Video: Deloitte’s GIR Ecosystem helps clients meet their tax compliance requirements across the broad spectrum of information reporting responsibilities.
  • Opportunities for private equity post COVID-19
  1. How can private equity firms help reverse the economic damage?
  2. Over $13 billion of dry powder is currently with Australian private equity funds. With COVID-19, that money is poised to be deployed.
  • Cayman Islands
  1. Establishing Investment Funds in the Cayman Islands: Key Considerations
  2. Deloitte Cayman Islands Technical Brief for Investment Funds: Accounting, Auditing and Regulatory
  3. Cayman Island Mutual Funds Amendment Law: An Overview
  4. Cayman Islands Private Funds Law: An Overview


  • Navigating Asia

Navigating Asia aims to inform asset managers interested in Asian markets about local regulatory and tax frameworks, insights into the business culture, current market developments, and future distribution trends.

Published: December 2020

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