Digital Banking Benchmark


Digital Banking Benchmark

Improving the digital performance

Deloitte Luxembourg recently tested and analysed the current digital offering of the main retail banks in Luxembourg. The findings are presented in the report “Deloitte Luxembourg Digital Banking Benchmark - improving the digital performance”.

The Deloitte Digital Banking Benchmark 2017 offers a multi-dimensional analysis with a current picture of the Luxembourg digital banking market for retail clients, a view on the improvements carried out over the past two years, and a comparison with banks from neighboring countries.

The digital revolution is disrupting the relationship between banks and their clients and new features continuously appear to enhance customer experience. However, Luxembourg banks do not seem to have implemented tremendous improvements in terms of digital channels over the past two years .In front of fully-digital banks, FinTechs, and non-traditional competitors, banks struggle to deliver innovative functionalities and are still hesitating about the key priorities to pursue.

With 230 criteria regarding public websites, web banking, and mobile applications of around 10 Luxembourg banks, this study will provide banks with a better understanding of their performance around eight key dimensions: onboarding, content and functionalities, design and ergonomics, navigation, cybersecurity features, advice, credit and account closing.

Digital Banking Benchmark
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