Digital transformation in financial services


Digital transformation in financial services

Watch Deloitte’s global financial services leaders share their views on industry trends

Reimagining the future of financial services with telcos

In this DChat, Michael Tang and Scott Bales, Managing Director, Innovation Labs Asia, discuss how telcos are fast emerging as a force to reckon with in the financial services ecosystem—either by designing their own financial solutions, or by partnering with financial institutions to expand their products and services portfolio.

Digital transformation: Consumer impacts

In the second DChat, Deloitte’s Global Financial Services Digital Transformation Leader, Michael Tang, shares insights about open banking, and the impact it has on consumers and the financial services business models.

How can financial services institutions respond to the forces of change?

Views on digital transformation: A burning platform, or a burning desire? In this first “DChat” discussion, Deloitte’s Global Financial Services Digital Transformation Leader, Michael Tang, discusses the dynamic transformation taking place in the financial services industry and what many organisations will need to do to keep up.

Published: March 2018

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