IFRS 17 for General Insurers

Premium Allocation Approach (PAA) Eligibility: Practical approaches to performing your eligibility testing

Considering whether insurers are able to adopt the Premium Allocation Approach (PAA) under IFRS 17 is a hot topic in the industry at the moment. While some insurers have been through their testing, others are embarking on that journey and all need to consider a framework for future eligibility. This is a topic that general insurers, private health insurers and some life insurers are exploring for certain products.

Watch the recording of the webinar on this topic. Our speakers and panellists shared insights and current thinking around:

  • The approaches being adopted to carry out PAA eligibility assessments for IFRS 17 implementation
  • The classes of business that are eligible and those that are not, and learnings during the assessment process, and
  • Ideas and thoughts around how insurers could look to develop their PAA eligibility assessment frameworks beyond transition.
IFRS 17: PAA Eligibility

Published: September 2021

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