Investment Management Outlook


Investment Management Outlook 2020

Crossing boundaries for profitable growth

The outlook for investment management globally in the year ahead will be defined by investment managers crossing boundaries in search of profitable growth. Many of the themes that we see globally apply to the challenges and opportunities that are present in the Australian investment management landscape. In the following 2020 Investment Management Outlook, Deloitte partners bring their global, regional and local expertise to consider what will define this search for profitable growth including:

Finding growth through markets and products - Deloitte expects managers to continue to seek new forms of growth, either through new products or in new markets. This is likely to result in the pace of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) picking up over the coming year as investment managers look beyond their core capabilities in search of this top-line growth, as well as extending their client service offerings.

Creating operational efficiencies – with the increased focus on fees and the rise of passive, low fee strategies, investment managers need to transform their operations to deliver greater efficiencies. Transformation is needed across people, processes and technology, together with an increased focus on risk management. Our study shows that technology holds the key to successful transformation.

Customer experience and engagement – in an increasingly connected and mobile world, customer experience is becoming a key ingredient for successful companies and this equally applies to investment managers. Investors want a seamless digital and customised user experience. In this report we explore two elements of this, client onboarding and client communications, and showcase how successful firms turn potential pain points into a competitive advantage.

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Investment Management Outlook 2020

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Published: February 2020

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