Navigating Unchartered Waters


Navigating uncharted waters

Understanding the strategic and regulatory risks of artificial intelligence in financial services

World Economic Forum and Deloitte explore the risks inherent in deploying artificial intelligence in the financial sector, as well as strategies for mitigating them.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to transform the financial services industry. But financial institutions are constantly grappling with identifying the right use cases for deploying AI. How can they ensure responsible deployment of AI and reap the benefits, while effectively navigating the associated risks?

This report by Deloitte and the World Economic Forum explores the risks associated with deploying AI in financial institutions and presents strategies to mitigate them. We examine these risks through the lens of five frequently cited areas. They are:

AI explainability
How does business context shape what we need to know about our AI deployment?

Systemic risk and AI
Could algorithms destabilise the financial system?

Bias and fairness
How can financial institutions ensure their systems do not discriminate against a specific group?

The algorithmic fiduciary
Could AI be trusted as a fiduciary?

Algorithmic collusion
How can we manage AI systems that learn to engage in anti-competitive behavior?

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Navigating uncharted waters

While AI can drive foundational shifts in a firm’s strategies, responsible adoption of AI necessitates openness to new forms of governance.

The AI adoption journey is not as simple as flipping a switch—but the right partner can help you maximise your investments. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your AI adoption strategy and jumpstart your transformation journey. Read the full report, Navigating uncharted waters.

Published: October 2019

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