Performance issue 18 - October 2015


Performance Magazine - Issue 18

Asset Management - September 2015

Asset Management – a Profession with Identity.

Recent years in the wake of the (last) financial crisis, has seen many advised and some more ill-advised attempts to legislate away the next financial crisis. (A lovely idea incidentally but one doomed to disappoint).

Now we are at last turning the page to look ahead (or rather – since asset managers by definition must always look ahead) and moving the debate to looking ahead rather than recrimination and justification.

We have always sought to look ahead in Performance, but in this edition we have taken a step further down that path. We consider asset management, in its broadest form, in the context of pension investing, of insurance investing, as a part of the global market and a tool for geo-political change. We consider the inter-relationship between core investment management and those services it needs to function, and we look at those initiatives that are likely to come to further shape the future of the profession whether we like them or not.

Asset management has its role to play; it may never be cherished in the hearts of the greater public but its practitioners will be satisfied if using the tools at their disposal, and their skill and judgement they can in future years look back on how the issues that are looming, issues of retirement provision and pensions, issues of funding long term economic growth through wealth creation, have been addressed and conclude “job done”.

Performance Magazine - Issue 18

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