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Performance magazine is a triannual digest, dedicated to investment management professionals, bringing you the latest articles news, insights, and market developments in the investment management industry.

Performance issue 35, May 2021

Performance issue 35, May 2021

Performance issue 34, January 2021

Performance issue 34, January 2021

Performance issue 33, September 2020

  • Whole of portfolio view
    A holistic approach for multi-asset management
  • Finding your way into the chinese IM markets
    Full of opportunities
  • Directly from the source
    Interviews with CEOs of leading chinese asset managers
  • Breakthrough for China’s listed REITs
    Realities and directions
  • Recent developments in the investment environment in Taïwan
    Accelerated return of capital from overseas
  • Value-at-Risk benchmarking during a crisis
    Implications of the COVID-19 turmoil
  • Banking services to PE/RE managers
    Conversation on cash management from a PE/RE perspective with Laurent Leclef, Head of Transaction Services Sales at ING Luxembourg.
  • Rethinking currency overlay
    How to respond to 2020’s new FX volatility regime
  • A tale of two pillars
    IFD/IFR introduces new capital requirements for investment firms
  • Sustainable capitalism
    Public and private combine to aid recovery
  • CMU 2.0 
    What’s next after CMU and COVID-19?
  • Sustainability corner
    The rules of the game
Performance issue 33, September 2020

Performance issue 32, May 2020

  • The 2020 investment management industry concussion
    Lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis for the investment management industry
  • Advancing environmental, social, and governance investing
    A holistic approach for investment management firms
  • New horizons for ETFS
    Regulatory change opens doors for all exchange-traded funds including active nontransparent ETFs
  • Righting the ship
    Transforming active equity in a competitive world
  • Managing investment costs and aligning interests 
    An article written by Kim Bowater, Director of Consulting Frontier Advisors
  • Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) 2020
    A new impetus for GIPS standards
  • Art & Wealth Management
    Creating a personal and emotional connection with clients through passion-related wealth
  • 53 pages for 45 Questions
    Deloitte Luxembourg’s 2020 Cross-Border Fund Distribution Conference explored the future of the asset management industry and what opportunities the next decade will hold
  • Sustainability corner
    EU Green Bonds according to the EU
Performance issue 32, May 2020

Performance issue 31, January 2020

  • Value-Added Services (VAS) is the new banking battlefield
  • Data sharing in financial services
    Five techniques to enhance privacy and confidentialityAn interview with
  • Blackstone’s head of Real Estate Europe
  • Shareholders’ Rights regulation
    The undercover game changer
  • Industry interested in technological development
    Deloitte European Operations & Technology Survey
  • PRIIPs & MiFID 2 transaction costs for funds
    Behind the scene of the drama
  • The Italian asset management sector
    An attractive market
  • Building a robust model risk management framework in financial institutions
  • Asset management disrupted
    Unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence in fixed income investing
Performance issue 31, January 2020

Performance issue 30, September 2019

  • 2019 Investment Management Outlook: Mid-Year Review
  • Managing M&A Integration
    A guide for investment and wealth managers
  • Engaging the whole firm
    Improving client experience in institutional and wholesale investment management
  • The future of the asset management industry
  • Artifical intelligence
    The next frontier for investment management firms
  • Amundi - Pioneer
    The recipe for a successful integration process
  • India Budget 2019 brings some gain, some pain for foreign investors
  • Distribution 2.0
    How technology will redefine relationship with asset management clients
  • A financial frontier:
    Opportunity from the East
Performance issue 30, September 2019

Performance issue 29, May 2019

  • Rethinking reward strategies
  • PIR light and shadow
  • Looking to the future
  • Mastering the art of ESG data
  • Focus on your strengths, white label the rest
  • The Placement Agent's View
  • Wealth managers at a crossroads
  • Digitizing investment suitability
  • Just another day at the (middle) office?
  • Liquidity risk management - a look at the tools available
  • If you think investment managers have flown under the Australian Royal Commission radar, think again
  • The investment revolution?
    What will asset management look life in the future?
Performance issue 29, May 2019

Performance issue 28, January 2019

  • What lies ahead for the Indian investment market?
    Interview with Mr. Ashwini Agarwalm, Portfolio Manager and Designated Partner of Ashmore India.
  • Foreign portfolio investment in India
  • Doors opening for FPIs in India
    Interview with Aditya Sharma Director, Head of Prime, Futures & Securities Services, Citi South Asia.
  • Implementation of General Anti-Avoidance Rule in Indian tax law
  • The investment fund industry
    The latest trends in a dynamic market
  • ESG: shaping the new normal for active managers
  • The new benchmark rate for euro transactions
    Here comes "ESTER"
  • A physically, mentally, and financially demanding endeavor
    The athlete's lifecycle 
  • FinSA and FinlA and their impact on independent asset management in Switzerland
    The (partial) beginning of a new area
Performance issue 28, January 2019

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