The risk and regulatory outlook for 2015


Risk & Regulatory Outlook

May – September 2015

The four Cs – conduct, cyber security, capital adequacy and continuing regulatory change - will dominate the outlook for the financial services regulatory and risk management environment over the next twelve months.

The Cs, as we conveniently term them, include the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Chairman’s nominated potential Black Swan event, ‘Cyber’, the Financial Stability Board and David Murray’s Financial Systems Inquiry’s focus on ‘Capital’, a key focus for all organisations internationally and domestically ‘Conduct’, and ‘Continuous Change’.

In this edition of the Risk & Regulatory Outlook Deloitte considers regulatory productivity, FATCA, OTC derivatives and breach reporting as 'business as usual' as part of Continuous Change. Continuous change for better performance, for productivity, for improved governance and the ability to sustain good outcomes for customers and shareholders alike. As with any reforms there is often short term pain for longer term gain – but in the long run the industry would all agree that the most important result is to secure a stable, safe and strong Australian system; a system capable of riding the vagaries of volatility, and managing the uncertainty of any future ‘Black Swan’ events.

For each of the areas we focus on, a Deloitte subject matter expert outlines the situation, specifies existing or prescient change, and suggests practical steps for your consideration.

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The risk and regulatory outlook for 2015
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