Risk and regulatory outlook for 2017


Risk & Regulatory Review

February 2017

In this edition of Deloitte’s Risk and Regulatory Review we herald some of the pressure points ahead for financial services organisations and highlight emerging opportunities.

To continue to meet the constant pressure for efficiency, and remain competitive in an increasingly open global market, we detail global regulatory themes and deep dive into various aspects of them including:

Governance: We outline both ASIC’s and APRA’s plans to ensure an increased focus on culture and conduct, and outline a five point framework to undertake conduct remediation. We also consider how to anticipate, protect and respond to the impact of cyber security, as well as money laundering and financial crime.

Resilience: We cover the Net Stable Funding Ratio on banks and their customers, and undertake a fundamental review of the trading book.

Technology: Here we consider how to make better decisions using data, and how best to consider the emerging use of robo-advice.

Download this 2017 edition to anticipate the increased supervision ahead and stay up to date with emerging opportunities for financial services organisations.

Risk & Regulatory Review 2017
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