OpenDATA for Financial Services

Deloitte provides clients with a flexible, secure and CDR-compliant platform to unlock new customers and business value from Open Data.

Deloitte has two approaches tailored for Open Banking:

Data Holder service
Allows organisations to share product and customer data.
For Data Holders, the platform allows fast and safe enablement of open banking APIs, including managing allowed third parties and customer consent. Can be applied even before the regulation has been finalised as it allows Data Holders to participate and own ecosystems and extended value chains.

Data Recipient service

Allows organisations to harness external sources of product and customer data.

For Data Recipients, the platform provides value-added services that orchestrate open banking APIs. Examples include consuming data from multiple participants in a secure and compliant manner, account switching or aggregation services.

Deloitte’s OpenDATA for Financial Services combines extensive experience building API-enabled platforms with best-in-class technology partners in domains such as identity and consent management to accelerate the launch of safe, secure and transparent open data solutions.


Deloitte’s OpenDATA for Financial Services capabilities include:

  • Customer Consent
  • Analytics / Dashboard
  • Third party on-boarding
  • Entitlements
  • Open Banking APIs
  • Account Switching
  • Searchable API Catalogue
  • API Gateway
  • Multi-cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Security (OAuth2, OpenID)
  • DevOps, CI/CD Pipeline
  • Componentised Architecture


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Open Banking – the time to act is now


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Daniel Nilsson

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