ImagineSydney: Create


ImagineSydney: Create

Embracing an innovation mindset

Imagine what it will take to drive the future state and prosperity of Sydney – one that is positioned to flourish over the next decade.

Create consolidates the connection between innovation and empowerment – driving prosperity for Sydney in a systematic way.

While many equate innovation purely to invention, it is actually much broader than that. Redefining innovation to include changes to processes, marketing, and organisation, make those elements just as important as product innovation in creating and capturing value.

We know that innovation is vital to Sydney’s continued success, but unlocking its potential may be simpler than we perceive it to be. Innovation is not somebody else’s business. Every single person and every single organisation can innovate, whether in a new context or by bringing an idea to life for the first time.

It’s time to take a closer look at what innovation means to our city and to rethink the way we embed it in how we Create. If even 10% of Sydney’s ‘non-innovator’ businesses were to begin to create or capture value by doing something new every year, it could make Sydney’s gross regional product increase by close to $25 billion.

Explore the Create Heat Map and chapters of the report below.

The Create Heat Map

How do Sydney’s regions perform in creating and capturing value?

Intention beyond invention

Innovation has a perception problem. 

While lots of us are talking about it, many think of it as a buzzword or conflate innovation with invention – the cure for an illness or the next Google Maps. We are caught in a loop of innovation hype. But changes to processes, marketing and organisation can be just as important as product innovation in creating and capturing value.

Intention beyond invention

The state of Create

What benefit would more innovative businesses and regions be to Sydney?

Improving our performance requires a concerted effort from businesses, research and individuals – and while many are on board, more needs to be done. The outcomes of innovation, such as organisations that are more able to adapt and change, greater productivity, or new value adding products – can contribute to the success of individuals and businesses. Everyone does not have to be inventing the next big thing to secure our economic future – smaller, more frequent changes also add up.

The state of Create

Hot pockets: capturing the value in Create

How do Sydney’s regions perform in creating and capturing value? 

There are a few powerful contributors that heat up the innovation gauge. Explore the Create Heat Map which uses a range of indicators to measure the innovative performance of regions in Greater Sydney. Find out what the strengths and opportunities for improvement for each region are, and see how good your precinct is at creating and implementing new ideas. 

Some of the best-performing regions are as we’d expect – but there are also some not-so-usual suspects.

Hot pockets: capturing the value in Create

What you need to know about embracing an innovation mindset

Start pulling the right levers, right now.

It’s time to adapt our innovation mindset, because a more innovative city will benefit us all. As a business or individual you can start the right conversation, innovate (not just invent), and look ahead to prepare for the next decade and beyond. Government can emerge ahead by helping precincts grow to attract and retain the right mix of businesses and institutions while reducing red tape and facilitating innovation.

Embracing an innovation mindset

Stories from Sydney's creators

Discover how Commonwealth Bank of Australia, RØDE Microphones, University of Technology Sydney, Cochlear Limited, International Convention Centre, Westmead Redevelopment and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation are changing the way they think about innovation.

Stories from Sydney’s creators

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Detailed appendices on the construction of the Create Heat Map.

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About the series

The role of place is paramount to the future of Australian prosperity. And as purpose of place continues to evolve, shaping the future of our cities will be central to the creation of smart, flourishing and productive communities. The ImagineSydney series sets out to address this through strategies that drive economic and social development in Sydney. It is a long term commitment and plan to co-create a broader narrative around the themes of Create, Live, Work and Play to propel this state’s prosperity beyond the next decade.

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