What needs to happen?

We've identified four key aspects that can help Victoria reposition where and how to grow.

Divorcing growth from cars

When all the hidden costs are considered, driving is the most expensive mode of transport.

Is Regional Victoria the answer?

When it comes to growing pains, a renewed focus on the economic development of Victoria's regional cities presents a new option.

Why inclusive growth matters

Our management of Melbourne's growth has had profound implications on access to economic opportunity and social and community participation for outer fringe residents.

A path no one wants

We're getting the growth mix wrong. There's too much emphasis on low-density housing in the outer most fringes and concentrated high-rise development in the CBD.

Let's make it happen better

The challenges ahead require our combined expertise. Together, we can embrace the opportunities for a more prosperous Victoria for all.

We're shaping Australia's future cities

Australia's cities have a bright future. Through our Shaping Future Cities series we're unlocking Australia's enormous potential by driving the innovative and vibrant cities of tomorrow.

Get in touch

Working together to shape a bright future for all Victorians is at the heart of everything we do. Contact one of our team with any questions or for more information.

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