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Actuarial 20/20

The power of clarity

Actuarial 20/20 is a point of view that is relevant to insurance organisations and their actuarial teams in transforming and enhancing the value of the actuarial processes, systems and people. Transformation, performed hand in hand with senior management, ultimately improves the overall value of the actuarial team as an important player in business and finance decision making.

Actuaries have been highly regarded professionals and influential executives within the insurance industry. They apply analytical techniques to data to determine premiums and set capital and reserves. The viability of an insurance company over the long term depends on having strong actuarial input. However, in more recent times the actuarial team’s role has had an increasing compliance focus.

The Actuaries & Consultants team believe that there are significant opportunities for actuarial teams to improve the value that they can add to their organisations. The Actuarial 20/20 offering is an end to end actuarial transformation support which has been developed globally by Deloitte. 

The power of clarity

Our approach addresses the four critical areas of actuarial leadership, cultural change, operational and process efficiency, technology and data.

The Actuarial 20/20 offering has a range of tools and frameworks to help actuarial teams and the organisations that they work in make this fundamental change effectively. Deloitte have been recognised for the quality of their finance transformation offering, as recognised by Kennedy Consulting Research. Over 65% of Fortune 500 companies have leveraged our Finance Transformation services.

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