Case studies


Case studies

By Juliet Bourke - Consulting, Partner.

Gaining a competitive advantage with disability inclusion initiatives
How can organisations tap into an underutilised workforce of people with disabilities to create competitive advantage? A review of successful disability initiatives in the retail and hospitality sectors in the US highlights the value of a D&I strategy focussed specifically on disability, particularly on customer satisfaction and employee engagement outcomes.
American case study, September 2014

Getting diversity at work to work: what we know and what we still don’t know
Academics from 3 British universities reviewed current research on diversity and inclusion as well as organisational strategies. Their view is that organisational practice is more likely to be based on opinion than fact, and they make the case for more evidence-based decisions about where to play, and how to win.
UK literature review, September 2014

Playing to win. What makes an effective strategy? Considerations for diversity and inclusion – Interview with Strategy & Operations Director, Deloitte Australia
What makes an effective strategy? In an interview with a strategy subject matter expert from within the Strategy & Operations consulting practice in Deloitte Australia, we explored the core principles that underpin defining and implementing an effective strategy and its implications for diversity and inclusion.
Australian interview, September 2014

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