How “Scrums” and “Sprints” Can Support the Strategically Focused Actuarial Function


How “Scrums” and “Sprints” Can Support the Strategically Focused Actuarial Function

Actuaries Summit 2017

This presentation explains what an Agile culture really means and how actuarial functions can significantly transform the way they work to be truly customer-centric, and in the process build a strong pipeline of high performers and future leaders

A strategically focused actuarial function needs to be faster and more focused than it has ever been before. An Agile mindset and way of working is critically important to implement its initiatives. Agile approaches have been the hot topic for IT transformation programs, but they can and should be used within actuarial functions as well.

This presentation outlines:

  • The Agile way of thinking; 
  • The benefit to your customers, and your people’s development and growth; 
  • Some of the tools and techniques; 
  • The challenges to consider; 
  • Lessons from inside a leading actuarial team who has deployed this Agile method over the last year.

This presentation can be found here.

About the presenters

Trang Duncanson

Trang Duncanson is a great believer of the importance of strong project skills, and has presented on this topic many times. More recently she has seen the visible impact of Agile approaches within her teams.

Maria Muir

Maria Muir is an Agile specialist within Deloitte’s very coolly named “Performance Automate” Practice.

Darren Robinson

Darren Robinson is a strong advocate of the strategically focused Chief Actuary function, which is why his team is using Agile to help them keep pace with the significant business changing initiatives they have committed to for the Insurance leadership team.

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