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What the heck is Human Capital?

Demystifying the label

Juliet Bourke shares her thoughts on what Human Capital means and the value it serves in her opinion piece on ANZ BlueNotes. By Juliet Bourke - Consulting, Partner.

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Extract below from Juliet Bourke's blog post

This week I was giving a conference presentation. I give these a lot. As usual, the MC introduced me to the audience by reading out my bio and stumbling over the standard description that comes after my name: “Partner, Human Capital, Deloitte". Not the Partner bit, or the Deloitte bit, but the “Human Capital" bit. Again as is often the case, there was an awkward pause, the obvious processing of information that didn't make immediate sense, and then the decision to ignore it and move on.

Every now and again however MCs don't move on, stop dead in their tracks and ask a question along the lines of “what the heck is “human capital"? Recently one went even further and asked me “how do you like being called a piece of human capital?" as if I had just been insulted.

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