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IFRS Insurance – Are you ready for Disruption?

Financial Services Forum 2014

The life insurance industry is facing major disruption. Deteriorating claims experience in Group and TPD products, the introduction of new Capital reporting standards and Digital Disruption are all impacting the profitability of life insurers and disrupting traditional business models.

About the presenters

Paul Swinhoe

Paul has consulted on a number of life insurance acquisitions in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. He has also helped companies with product development, tax reform and business modelling - in fact, the whole range of life office actuarial management. Paul is particularly keen that companies get maximum value from their actuarial staff and advisers. On this theme, he presented Financial Management and the Evolving Actuary to the Institute of Actuaries of Australia's convention in 1999. He also co-authored, with Naomi Edwards, the 1996 paper Managing Profits in a MoS Environment.

Paul has worked on a number of our appraisal valuations in Asia. These have generally been for the purposes and sale or purchase of a business. Paul has also worked on appraisal valuations for balance sheet purposes. Both types of work have involved him in the range of products, business conditions and regulatory regimes in different countries. Most of his work has been in Hong Kong and Taiwan but has included China.

Peter Baker

Peter is an Associate Director in Deloitte Actuaries & Consultants, and has been working in the life insurance industry since 2005. He has extensive knowledge in risk insurance, financial modelling, including capital. He has led the implementation of a number of LAGIC and target surplus models within life insurance companies in Australia over the last few years, and also worked on a Solvency II implementation in Asia, focusing on Pillar II development.

IFRS Insurance – Are you ready for Disruption?
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