Leading Behavioural Change in Organisations Short Course

A Deloitte and BehaviourWorks Australia Partnership

Deloitte and BehaviourWorks Australia have partnered to create a short course that will equip our team – and select clients – with the latest, scientifically proven, techniques and approaches to influence behaviour.

Many of the most pressing opportunities and challenges facing organisations are ultimately about changing human behaviour. This includes adopting new technology, enabling a culture of performance and innovation, or adapting to new ways of working.

However, understanding behaviour - why people do what they do - helps us change it.

In this two day course you will explore complex organisational issues through a behavioural lens. It will provide you with an understanding of applied behavioural science principles and how you can practically apply them within your organisation.

Our behavioural science experts will share their knowledge and experience with human behaviour, focussing on influencing behaviour in organisations. We will introduce you to key concepts about human behaviour; how it works; how to translate organisational culture and values into observable and influenceable behaviours; and how to identify barriers and drivers of desired behaviours. You will use evidence-based tools to build your own insights, design potential solutions to problems and check the impact of programs - enabling you to harness the power of behavioural science to address your organisation’s most pressing challenges.

The course provides the opportunity to discuss your behavioural questions with our experts, enhance and test your own understanding and thinking about behavioural science, giving you the confidence to approach behavioural issues within your organisation and lead behavioural change from the front.

About Behaviour Works Australia

Established in 2011, BehaviourWorks Australia is the largest applied behaviour change research unit in Australia. We believe most problems can be at least partially solved by influencing the behaviours that underpin them. By using insights from the behavioural sciences, organisations can avoid making misguided assumptions about the influences on behaviour (what matters to people) and the types of interventions that are most likely to work.

About Behaviour First Change

Deloitte’s Behaviour First program aims to close the gap between intention and action, one nudge at a time. Behaviour First Change takes insights from the social and behavioural sciences, including Anthropology, Behavioural Economics, Neuroscience and Psychology and practically applies them to help organisations realise the benefits of transformation.

Deloitte and BehaviourWorks Australia

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