Mortgages – International Perspectives and Trends

Financial Services Forum 2014

Home loans might seem like pretty straightforward products. Most households in Australia have one and probably everyone has an opinion on them. But not all are the same. Here’s your chance to get all the information on this exciting area and to become the most interesting person at the BBQ chat on home loans.

This presentation provided a perspective on mortgage products available in Australia and associated customer behavior and a comparison of how Australian mortgages stack up against international markets for home loans. The presentation discussed the trends being seen in international markets and how providers and consumers are responding, with an eye to whether there are lessons to be learnt for Australia.

Examples of this include:

1.  The way risk differs by product and resulting capital requirements

2.  Pricing of mortgages 

3.  What products customers choose 

4.  What are the challenges in the various markets 

5.  What new offerings and competitors are entering in overseas markets 

6.  How are regulators dealing with the challenges will also be discussed.

Mortgages – International Perspectives and Trends

About the presenter

James Hickey

James is a Partner and a qualified actuary (FIAA). He joined Trowbridge (later Deloitte Actuaries & Consultants) in 1995 and has been involved in a range of financial services work within Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. His areas of expertise include life insurance, wealth management and banking.

His life insurance and wealth management experience includes: 

  • Financial reporting and business modelling
  • Shareholder embedded and appraisal values
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Financial planning distribution
  • Retail funds management platform and wrap strategies
  • Retirement product innovation.
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