Core Actuaries


Core Actuaries

Core actuarial services – experienced, commercial, innovative

As part of a large global organisation, we are pleased to be able to offer our clients the full breadth and depth of actuarial services. Our clients come to us to provide an experienced team with a track record for delivering not just technical but also high value commercial insights.


We bring our deep experience to every engagement.  Our people have been Appointed Actuaries to numerous insurers and reinsurers, across the sectors from Life Insurance and General Insurance to Health Insurance, both in Australia and overseas, including the UK, Singapore and others.  This experience covers all the core areas of actuarial advice including valuation, pricing, capital management and experience studies.  In addition to the insurance sectors, our team also acts as RSE Actuaries for superannuation funds and have deep experience in advising Superannuation and Banking clients on topics such as benefits funding, scheme design and credit risk.

Our list of clients covers almost all players from the top end of town to the niche players.  The breadth of our experience across this diverse client base and our ability to tap the experience of our colleagues within Deloitte, and in particular, the management consultants, risk advisors and auditors, give us a richer view to looking at client problems that would not be possible with a solely actuarial lens.


Our clients come to us because we bring a commercial acumen to their problems.  Over the years we have helped our clients on a number of strategically important endeavours including:

  • We helped a large life insurer explore its desired approach to offering life insurance products going forward
  • We helped a large wealth manager adopt an economic capital framework as part of its ICAAP implementation
  • We helped a large general insurer improve its actuarial reserving framework
  • We helped a client explore the option of setting up a general insurance captive
  • We helped a large retail master trust manage the implementation of new superannuation prudential standards across their various employer sub-plans
  • We helped a superannuation client with their MySuper modelling
  • We helped a mortgage broker understand the value drivers of its business
  • We helped design a new compulsory national health insurance scheme for a foreign country
  • We performed an asset liability study for a national health insurance scheme for a foreign country.


While our focus is on the traditional areas of Life Insurance, General Insurance, Health, Superannuation and Banking, our practitioners are also at the forefront of applying actuarial methods to tackle emerging areas of practice including the environment and social impact.  For example, we have produced capital management plans for industries that would not typically think about capital management through an actuarial lens. 

We also believe that being innovative is an important part of shaping the agenda to make our society better.  In this regard, we produce a number of important industry tools including the Mortgage Report, the Dynamics of the Australian Superannuation System biennial report, and a database for flood mapping.  With access to hundreds of proprietary data assets produced solely for use by Deloitte’s clients, we are also able to overlay our traditional analysis with additional insight from geospatial and demographic information.

Finally, as part of a large global actuarial network, we are linked into the latest actuarial advances, and actively look for ways to help give our clients that competitive edge.

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James Hickey

James Hickey

Partner, Consulting

James is a partner of Consulting and part of the Actuaries and Consultants group. James has been involved in a range of financial services work within Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and UK. His ... More

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