Future of Learning


Future of Learning

Learning Reimagined

Powered by research and sensing, we design and deliver the complete Continuous Learning Organisation. We are a one-stop-shop; from learning strategy to micro-learning experiences to the implementation of next-gen learning platforms, we can make your future learning vision a reality.

Our Future of Learning Practice is a multi-disciplinary team including award winning Film and Digital Producers, Learning Experts, Designers, Storytellers, Learning Tech Gurus, News Reporters, Teachers, Facilitators, Actors and Organisation Design Professionals who love making learning humans love.

  • Whether your organisation is undergoing large-scale transformation, or you need a simple and effective learning content strategy
  • Whether your organisation has 50 people in the same place or 400,000 people globally
  • Whether you want to stick with your current learning technology or implement a learning experience platform

We can help you reimagine the way learning is created for and experienced by your people


We help you understand your current learning landscape and develop your future state. Our strategy development tool provides a solid and proven foundation in creating your future learning srategy.


We can lead you through the process of selecting, implementing and managing your learning technology ecosystem. Whether brand new or plugging into legacy systems, we can advise, assist or fully implement.


We are in the age of the micro, spaced and repetitive learning experience. We can help you create and curate genuinely engaging experiences, including virtual, facilitated, social and gamified.

Introducing CyberEverywhere

Cyber security incidents have been estimated to cost Australian businesses up to $29 billion per year and affects almost one in three Australian adults. Are your employees at risk? Our learning team has a new, innovative solution; CyberEverywhere, the first commercial grade learning pathway specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern learner while fulfilling compliance requirements and business outcomes. Read more.


Our new innovative solution

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Artie Gindidis

Partner, Consulting

Artie joined Deloitte in 2015 to help build Deloitte Australia's leadership business. Artie holds a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology and is passionate about working with clients to build the ski... More