The future of infrastructure:A survey of infrastructure trends


Deloitte’s Global Infrastructure Magazine

The future of infrastructure

Infrastructure is about much more than bricks and mortar; it’s about improving people’s everyday lives, everywhere. Infrastructure plays a Vital role in supporting society, enabling government, and driving economic performance – and this will only increase in future.

This inaugural publication of our Infrastructure magazine explores a wide variety of topics that will influence the future of the industry.

We have interviewed some of the best minds across the globe – ranging from digital twin experts, to great ways to use technology to drive faster decisions, to improving operating models, the latest Canadian infrastructure trends, learning from ancient wisdom to build a more resilient world and much more.

We also feature a ‘Q&A style’ interview with four global Deloitte leaders including Dr. Kellie Nuttall, Beth McGrath, Michael Flynn and Luke Houghton.

Published: April 2022

Deloitte’s Global Infrastructure Magazine
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