We see the big picture on infrastructure. From revitalising existing assets, to rebuilding our economy and reimagining vibrant cities and regions. It all starts with the end in mind for shareholders, customers and constituents. We think big - we use technology and innovation at the outset in order to make infrastructure useful today, and an investment in tomorrow. 


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    Infrastructure has a pivotal role in shaping the Australia of tomorrow and strengthening our economy today – but we have to act. The decisions we make will either build a clear path or firm barrier to opportunities for investors and citizens.  

    Operational issues and old-world thinking around the speed, cost and complexity of projects pose a significant risk to progress. Technological, economic, sustainability and ecological issues have become key considerations, and are adding to delivery complexity.

    To drive the best return for the community and for investors, strategic partners need to come together to reimagine the delivery, transformation and ongoing management of world-leading local infrastructure.

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    We can support with precincts, critical infrastructure, digital optimisation, managing complex contracts, and revitalising your asset base.
    Luke Houghton

    Partner, Infrastructure & Capital Projects