AFR India Business Summit 2018


AFR India Business Summit 2018

Opportunities in an economic partnership

The AFR India Business Summit in association with Deloitte and the Australian Government’s Australia India Council was held on 22 November in Sydney.

India’s economic rise over the next 20 years presents transformational opportunities for increased trade and investment for Australia. The time is right for both countries to engage in a deeper and stronger economic partnership. This high-level Summit delved into key topics including India’s reform agenda in terms of corruption, red-tape, culture, the opportunities and how-to in key sectors and states for facilitating and driving greater interaction.

A (very long) Indian summer is coming

An enormous demographic dividend will play out in India. India’s potential workforce as a share of its total population is set to peak as other major economies, namely China, enter a period of demographic transition towards an aging population. It will also be the world’s most populous nation, with a forecast 1.6 billion people and a rapidly growing and highly educated middle class.

A successful reform agenda will play a large role in realising potential

India, like all democratic states, is not immune to growing pains. And as the world struggles with reform renewal and the notions of inclusive growth, India is a great case study. India has made great progress of late, introducing a national GST, demonetisation, the creation of Startup India, Digital India, liberalisation of trade and tariffs, reforms such as a massive increase in the populations’ access to banking, and now sweeping health reforms.

What India needs, Australia can provide

Across major sectors like education, agribusiness, tourism and natural resources, among others, Australian businesses and know-how is well positioned to ride India’s 20 year wave of growth. A nuanced understanding of India’s diverse and state-dominated economy will be essential as Australia’s businesses and governments look to deepen ties with the world’s rapidly ascending economic powerhouse.

AFR India Business Summit 2018 in association with Deloitte

AFR India Business Summit 2018 - Making an impact that matters

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Published: November 2018

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