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Managing your African investments

There are many opportunities in Africa for Australian companies including mining, oil and gas, technology enhancement and community engagement.

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Our Australia-Africa services group has successfully delivered seamless and consistent service to its Australian clients.

With its untapped natural resources, Africa is experiencing significant growth and is fast becoming an attractive prospect for companies wanting a secure and high growth investment. However, Africa poses many challenges including cultural, logistical, infrastructural, legal, financial and risk management.

The Australia-Africa services group, through our integrated team of Africa specialists located in Perth, Western Australia has been set up specifically to deal with challenges faced by Australian companies who have investments or plan to invest in Africa.

Since settling in Australia, our team members have developed significant professional expertise in Australian business issues. They possess specialist knowledge about the intricacies and complications of doing business in Africa, and are well connected to a significant number of professional African contacts.

Deloitte are proud sponsors and supporters of the Australia-Africa Business Council.

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Jacques Van-Rhyn

Jacques Van-Rhyn

Partner, Tax

Jacques Van Rhyn is the Queensland tax leader with a focus on international tax and transfer-pricing, based in Brisbane Australia. Jacques has been in professional practice for 27 years, including 17 ... More