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Business operations

Korean services group

The Deloitte Korean services group (KSG) has been formed to help Korean companies identify and capitalise on business opportunities in Australia.

  • Assisting you in acquiring the right level of management and operational capabilities in your team
  • Setting up an effective transfer pricing scheme to optimise profitability
  • Raising capital for additional investment
  • Understanding the complexity of Australian labour laws and managing a culturally diverse workforce
  • Improving your cost structures and maintaining your competitive advantages.

Our targeted KSG services include

  • Identifying investment opportunities
  • Developing a workforce plan that caters to your workforce diversity and business goals
  • Providing expertise secondment program to help you support your team
  • Creating a transfer pricing model that works for your business in Australia and overseas
  • Providing advice on legal and regulatory compliance in workforce management, financial reporting and tax structure.

For Korean ompanies operating in Australia

  • Obtaining an in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations that govern foreign investments
  • Finding the right projects or companies in the region that satisfy investment criteria
  • Working with the Australian counterpart to reach a win-win outcome
  • Understanding the complexity of Australian tax laws and applying them to the transaction
  • Working with Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) to secure an approval.

Our targeted KSG services include:

  • Workshops and training courses on investment into Australia
  • Market assessments and providing entry strategy advice
  • Identifying and evaluating strategic partners, projects or acquisition targets
  • Approaching strategic partners on your behalf and providing advice on transaction structuring and negotiation
  • Conducting due diligence on projects or companies to be acquired.

For Korean companies investing in Australian projects or companies

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