How consumer driven care is reshaping the community care sector

Significant transformation on the way

Service providers should ensure that they continue to clearly demonstrate their unique client value proposition whilst retaining a competitive operating model.

Now is a time of substantial upheaval for the community care sector, with significant regulatory reform being introduced though the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Consumer Directed Care (CDC). Through the introduction of a demand driven model of service delivery, the NDIS and CDC are expected to significantly transform the way by which disability and aged care services are delivered to Australians. Service providers will shift from receiving and managing an annual block of funds spread amongst all consumers to individualised budgets. This will ultimately provide customers with greater control and oversight of services delivered.

CDC will be fully implemented by July 2015, with the Government looking to increase the number of Home Care Packages from 2017 onwards. The NDIS will commence full scheme roll-out from July 2016. Implementation will vary by state/territory i.e. roll out methods and targets are individually agreed with the Commonwealth.

How consumer driven care is reshaping the community care sector
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