Reimagining healthcare in Australia

The journey from telehealth to 21st century design

Deloitte is proud to have partnered with the Digital Health CRC, Consumer Health Forum and Curtin University on a national project called Reimagining Healthcare in Australia. The project aims to better understand consumer expectations of virtual healthcare.

As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic there has been a rapid acceleration in advances in virtual health. Virtual health uses digital technologies to deliver a broad range of health and community-based services to improve and support your health and wellbeing. However, there remains a lack of information around consumer preferences for virtual health: when to use it; what it should look like; and what impact it may have on health outcomes.

Virtual health is not just limited to using telehealth services but extends to such things as wearing health supporting gadgets and sensors, from mobile health applications to artificial intelligence, from robotic carers to electronic records. It is diverse and broad in its application and is constantly growing and diversifying.

Next steps in the Reimagining Healthcare in Australia project

This research project includes several national consumer insights surveys. The surveys will focus on consumer preferences and expectations in healthcare, and the results, in combination with the other project pieces will feed into a whitepaper which will shape future service development and research. If you would like to receive a copy of the whitepaper when it is released, please pre-register your interest.

Reimagining healthcare in Australia

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Explore the work that has been completed within the project to date

1.Download the Rapid Review    2.Download the Consumer Explainer

This research project includes a review of recent academic literature, called a Rapid Review and has an accompanying Consumer Explainer.

Some of the key research findings (published in a Rapid Review by Curtin University, Deloitte and Consumer Health Forum) to date include:

  • Involving consumers in the co-design of virtual health solutions who are at particular risk of digital exclusion will help promote equitable access.
  • Poor uptake of virtual health can be related to a misalignment with
    user requirements such as access, ease of navigation, complexity and privacyconcerns.
  • Experts and some health systems have identified the need for ‘digital health navigator’ roles to support consumers and the workforce to use digital technology.
  • There is little or no coordination of digital health implementation across States’ and Territories’ care delivery systems. 
  • Consistent with policy shifts to person-centred approaches.

Reimagining Webinar Series 

We recently hosted a webinar series that featured the Secretary to the Department of Health, Dr Brendan Murphy, CHF CEO, Leanne Wells, and a number of other thought leaders in the digital health space. You can find information about each of the webinars and the link to view the recording below:

session 1: Strategic Horizons and Responses

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Session 2: Leading in Times of Change

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Session 3: Our Economy and Our Health System

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Reimagining healthcare in Australia

This infographic shows a visualisation of the outcomes from the webinar and a follow-up consumer survey. In the first page, you can see some feedback thatparticipants of the webinar highlighted as key barriers to advancing fromtelehealth to true virtual health. The second page shows more consumer contextfor the barriers identified, and thoughts on how consumers are best placed totake advantage of virtual health evolution.

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