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Manufacturing for growth

Manufacturing for Growth is a World Economic Forum report in collaboration with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.

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The Future of Manufacturing report identified a number of factors that will shape the future of competition between countries and companies. Three areas rose to the top as the most critical: human capital and talent development; innovation and technology advancement; and strategic use of public policy emphasising collaboration between policy-makers and business leaders.

Manufacturing for Growth Summary

This Manufacturing for Growth series addresses these key competitive factors and comprises of three volumes:

  • Volume 1 (Globally Competitive Policy) focuses on 6 countries to define features of an effective national industrial policy.
  • Volume 2 (Partnering for Competitiveness) examines case studies of public-private collaboration from around the world.
  • Volume 3 (Manufacturing Value Chains Driving Growth) illustrates the value and jobs created by specific industry sectors—aerospace, automotive, and chemicals.
Volume 1

"Our report reflects the broad support – from business and government – that is necessary and exists today to create a progressive, innovative enabling environment for manufacturing," said Andrew Liveris, chairman and chief executive officer of The Dow Chemical Company and global chief executive champion of the World Economic Forum’s Manufacturing for Growth project. “Manufacturing adds value – creating more jobs than any other sector; driving innovation throughout every segment of our society; and delivering consumer solutions – all of which are the keys to long-term, sustainable economic growth.

Volume 2

The three-volume report, “Manufacturing for Growth,” finds that executives around the world crave government policies that simplify taxes and protect free and fair trade – along with stronger energy and infrastructure policies and more focused education and workforce frameworks. They also want science, technology, and innovation policies that promote advanced manufacturing.

Volume 3
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