Northern Territory Town Camps Review

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Deloitte continues commitment to collaborative review of Northern Territory Town Camps

3 March 2017: A comprehensive review by Deloitte of 43 town camps across the Northern Territory will continue into March to enable all possible information sought by the Department of Housing and Community Development is obtained.

The extension from the original expected date is due to technical complexity of the work required for the review and the need for broad based consultation. The review has involved detailed infrastructure and housing assessments, legal assessments and economic analysis.

Deloitte’s review team, including specialists from Northern Territory based businesses with deep history and knowledge of the local environment, are continuing housing assessments to gather more comprehensive data before finalising the review.

A crucial component of the review so far has been the successful collaboration with communities, with residents allowing access to home inspections while also providing their aspirations and vision for the town camps.

Deloitte is appreciative of the support and cooperation of the town camp residents and communities. The development of these relationships will contribute to the delivery of a review that reflects the needs of the community.

Due to the sensitive nature of the review, involving as it does access to private dwellings, the confidentiality of the information will be respected.

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