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Deloitte launches 20 week return to work program

30 November 2016: Professional services firm Deloitte today announced a new program designed to help those who have taken a prolonged career break to re-enter the workforce.

Deloitte’s consulting practice will pilot the 20-week program, offering 12 part-time, paid positions based out of Melbourne and Sydney for experienced individuals who have had a career break of two or more years.

Return to Work is designed to help professionals achieve a permanent or contract role at the end of the program. In addition to working on client projects during the program, applicants will receive tailored support and training to help them rediscover their professional self and readjust to work while balancing their life priorities. They will also have the support of business mentors to help guide and establish flexible work arrangements.

“We are excited to be at the leading edge of professional services firms by creating such an innovative program,” said Kaylene O’Brien, Deloitte Consulting Partner. “We are looking for talented individuals who have had time away from work - for parenthood, family care or other reasons - with the aim of helping them transition back into the professional world. It not only benefits us by connecting us to highly-qualified, experienced, motivated employees who offer maturity and stability, but also gives these individuals the confidence to continue their career progression despite the fear of not having up-to-date skills.

The Return to Work program forms part of Deloitte’s approach to flexible working, known as Work Agility, which Deloitte uses to encourage greater workforce diversity and inclusion. Deloitte is already known as a champion of gender diversity and has been recognised as a WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality since 2000.

“The Return to Work program is open to all but as you can imagine there is a focus on women,” said Margaret Dreyer, Deloitte’s Diversity and Inclusion Leader. “By targeting women at a manager or director skill level, it broadens our female talent pipeline at senior levels and reinforces our commitment to diversity.

“Work Agility recognises and emphasises the importance of all roles outside the work place. Individual circumstances, gender, age or background shouldn’t dictate someone’s ability to access agility options. We are seeking to continue evolving our culture from ‘face-time’ and ‘doing hours’ towards a culture where teams and individuals are valued for their output and are empowered to make choices in how, when and where they work, still meeting the needs of our clients while balancing life,” said Dreyer.

“We involve our clients in conversations about the how and why of agile working, as part of being a leader in this space,” said O’Brien. “It’s important for our workforce of today and tomorrow. And on that note, looking ahead to our workforce of tomorrow - we look forward to welcoming to Deloitte the first applicants of the Return to Work program in February.”

More information on the Return to Work program:

  • Applications will open on 22 February 2017
  • To find out more or if you know someone who would like to be involved visit the Return to Work program webpage
  • The program is open to anyone who has:
    • Taken a career break of greater than two years
    • Professional services background or relevant work experience
    • An interest in returning to work (either in a full-time or part-time capacity), and
    • The right to work in Australia and is available to start in July 2017.
  • This Australian pilot is based upon Deloitte UK’s return to work program which is in its second year.

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