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Deloitte cyber and tech consulting mentors in Day of STEM’s Australia 2020 launch

25 August 2016: Deloitte cyber security and technology consulting mentors will share their expertise and experiences with young Australians through LifeJourney’s Day of STEM online platform. Deloitte Cyber Risk director Celeste Lowe and Technology Consulting director Sonia Haque plan to inspire Australia’s future STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) generation and highlight the real-life opportunities available in professional services firms like Deloitte.

LifeJourney and Deloitte, along with other corporate and industry sponsors, today launched the second phase of the Day of STEM platform - Australia 2020. This launch phase focuses on the next-generation careers driving Australia’s future digital economy, through 2020 and beyond.

The Australia 2020 program explores six unique career paths, and aims to facilitate virtual connections between students and the industry mentors from the sponsoring companies who work on cutting-edge technology and innovation.

The areas of focus include cyber security, fintechs, automated vehicles, drone delivery, secure banking and wireless technologies.

Rob Hillard, Managing Partner of Consulting at Deloitte and advocate of the Day of STEM program says, "We selected our Day of STEM mentors for two reasons. Relevance – our mentors have built their careers with a STEM education and career enjoyment – both Celeste and Sonia have fun every day and love putting their STEM skills into action.

“We want to highlight that both STEM and a fun fulfilled career can work together. We are delighted to feature Celeste and Sonia, as they share their pathways in order to motivate students to pursue related career pathways.”

Lowe says: “Students should enjoy and be passionate about what they do. I’m excited to be a role model for the nation's youth and help them positively shape their careers."

With direct access to STEM mentors, students from across Australia have the opportunity to 'test drive' their future by living a day in the life of Australia's STEM leaders. The platform provides students the chance to understand how their passion might align with the skills businesses need in the future. And by following their mentor's journey they can connect what they are learning in the classroom with a real career.

Haque says: “The platform develops the hard and soft skills of students. It is important for students to know that soft skills, such as problem solving, critical and design thinking, curiosity, descision making and communication, are just as important as the hard, technical skills.”

The future depends on those with a STEM education

Australia is transitioning from a resource boom to a knowledge economy. Deloitte has conducted extensive research – see Deloitte Access Economics’ reports for both the Australian Computer Society and the Office of the Chief Scientist - confirming the critical role STEM education is playing in Australia’s ability to innovate, expand and remain a competitive force globally.

“Collaboration across industries and sectors will be essential to contribute to the success of our national and the global economy through a skilled workforce educated in STEM”, says Hillard.

“Deloitte is passionate about helping to drive the nation’s STEM IQ. We are well positioned to play a leadership role in Australia’s STEM transformation. Through the Day of STEM program we hope to inspire students to enjoy what they study in their STEM courses and realise their future employment opportunities in a world that is changing fast,” says Hillard.

Hillard discussed these views when he presented his ‘Envisioning the next generation STEM workforce’ at the Australia 2020 launch.

More about Deloitte

About LifeJourney and Day of STEM

  • Founded in 2012, LifeJourney, recently established a presence in Australia to enable students to test drive their future by living a day in the life of Australia’s STEM and Cyber leaders.
  • The Day of STEM is a national initiative, designed using the LifeJourney™ platform to raise the national IQ for STEM and cyber science.
  • In July this year, the STEM Cup was the first phase released under the Day of STEM platform. The STEM Cup program explored career pathways in sports science and data analytics, and culminated with an online maths challenge where the student stepped into the role of the Capologist.
  • The Day of STEM platform is available to secondary and tertiary education students to pursue STEM careers and build the skills that will open up their future and connect them to the in-demand digital workforce.
  • The Day of STEM platform combines videos, interviews, activities and the system provides parents and teachers with dashboards which help to provide guidance and direction for the students’ careers.
  • Other Day of STEM corporate partners include: AMP; Australia Post; Cisco; Collingwood Football Club; Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices; La Trobe University; Lockheed Martin; Optus; RACQ; SAS; Telstra; Trustwave; and Westpac.
  • Day of STEM association partners include: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA); Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering (ATSE)-STELR program; Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT); Australian Council For Computers in Education (ACCE); Design and Technology Teachers Association-Victoria (DATTA Vic); Engineers Australia; Science Teachers Association of Victoria (STAV).

To explore the platform, learn more about registering for Day of STEM and how to run the program, and to look out for the Deloitte mentors, please visit:

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