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Deloitte recognised as one of Australia and New Zealand’s Most Innovative Companies

At #6 Deloitte jumps ahead to ‘most improved innovative company’

21 September 2017: Deloitte Australia was ranked six on this year’s Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies list, jumping from 18 last year and 30 in 2015. This quantum leap earned the innovative professional services firm recognition as Australia and New Zealand’s ‘most improved’ innovative company.

“It’s a result we are deeply proud of,” said Cindy Hook Deloitte Australia CEO. “To compete against thousands of other companies, including technology firms, creative agencies and start-ups, and perform so successfully is testament to our strategy to embed innovation into everything we do.

“We don’t just run innovation programs off to the side, we take the space and the time to embed innovation in how we think and work every day. In every one of our business streams we constantly explore new and better ways to solve complex problems for our clients,” Hook said.

Deloitte’s Chief Strategy Officer John Meacock praised the team behind this year’s winning entry.

“In today’s world you can’t separate innovation and strategy. Businesses no longer have to choose between being better or cheaper, between higher quality or being faster. If we change our models we can do all at once.

“At Deloitte our 2020 path has innovation at its core and a determination to make an impact that matters. We have a clear process to take an idea to implementation, to work with in a structured portfolio, use platforms, technology alliances and our talented and passionate people to ‘shift the dial’ and make sure both ourselves and our clients become ‘future ready’."

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Deloitte team accepting the award
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The Deloitte team accepting the award as one of Australia and New Zealand’s most innovative companies.

Two winning examples of Deloitte Innovation

SMSF Audit: Deloitte built a digital platform to undertake massive workflows and automate simple audits, using APIs, robotics and process analytics to remove repetitive tasks. Clients are able to access the portal to communicate with the audit team and track their SMSF audit progress (in the cloud).

The result is the ability to quickly, securely and professionally audit clients’ customers’ SMSFs, providing reassurance and saving money. This enables Deloitte staff members to focus their expertise and talents on areas of risks and judgement, rather than menial tasks.

iDeal: To ensure clients make smart M&A decisions they need smart, as well as big data sets analysed with swift turn around. To do so Deloitte redesigned the way it delivered M&A findings to ensure a competitive edge by building the first due diligence tool of its kind.

iDeal has changed the conversation in the industry from only financial due diligence to identifying and analysing broader issues for clients. It is recognised as setting the standard to expect in the due diligence process.

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