Deloitte’s Jo Heighway wins top award at inaugural Women in Finance Awards

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Deloitte’s Jo Heighway wins top inaugural Women in Finance Award

25 September 2017: Deloitte’s innovative SMSF award winning auditor won Accountant of the Year, Innovator of the Year and the top award of the night - the Women in Finance Excellence Award. These NAB sponsored Momentum Media awards recognised Deloitte auditor Jo Heighway who with her team used the skills of the innovative professional services firm to automate simple SMSF audits with digital technology and robots to deliver more efficient and many more audits for clients.

The financial services leader of the Superannuation audit team Frances Borg said: “We wanted to use our data and digital strength and smart technology to automate clients’ compulsory super audits and at the same time free up our Deloitte people’s time to focus their expertise and talents on areas of risk and judgement, rather than menial tasks.

“Jo Heighway with her energy, passion and knowledge was absolutely the right person to lead and develop this technology.”

The Self-Managed Super Fund audit innovation is also one of the examples used to achieve this week’s Australian Financial Review award for Deloitte as Australia and New Zealand’s sixth Most Innovative Companies list.

As Deloitte Australia CEO Cindy Hook said: “To compete against 1000s of other companies, including technology firms, creative agencies and start-ups, and perform so successfully is testament to our strategy to embed innovation into everything we do. This is a result we are deeply proud of.

“We don’t just run innovation programs off to the side, we take the space and the time to embed innovation in how we think and work every day. In every one of our business streams we constantly explore new and better ways to solve complex problems for our clients,” Hook said.

More about the SMSF Audit
Deloitte’s digital platform undertakes massive workflows and automates simple procedures using APIs, robotics and process analytics to remove repetitive tasks. Clients are able to access the portal to communicate with the audit team and track their SMSF audit progress (in the cloud). The result is the ability to quickly, securely and professionally audit clients’ customers’ SMSFs, providing reassurance and saving money. This also enables Deloitte auditors to focus their expertise and talents on areas of risks and judgement, rather than menial tasks.

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