Is adding robots and machines to org charts going too far?

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Is adding robots and machines to org charts going too far?

Deloitte Technology Trends 2018

19 February 2018: “As organisations begin to embrace emerging technology to deliver on their business strategy, the role of the CIO is increasingly being asked to adapt and change - and still keep everything running smoothly at the core,” Kevin Russo, Deloitte Lead Partner Technology, Strategy & Architecture Australia/Asia Pacific and a global author of the Trends said.

“As most CIOs will tell you, there’s a vast difference between reengineering IT and reengineering technology for an entire organisation!”

Russo pointed out that the impact of how re-engineered technology will operate across the organisation should not be underestimated.

“Automation is playing a major part in changing the way CIOs manage the upkeep of their core infrastructure. As we increase workloads in cloud and hybrid environments, the ability to auto-scale and manage these platforms, is already shifting how we organise our teams.”

“CIOs already are restructuring and reengineering their organisations to work with robots and machine learning devices. But is adding them to the organisational structure going too far?” Russo asks.

From no collar workers, exponential enterprises, API imperatives, cyber, blockchain, and digital reality, Deloitte’s ninth annual Technology Trends report analyses the trends that are already disrupting businesses.

Deloitte Consulting Partner, Steve Rayment said: “We focus on how best to orchestrate strategy, technology, and operations to work together across all these emerging technology trends. When they act in unison, we no longer see the enterprise vertically (focused on a line of business or an isolated industry), or horizontally (focused on business processes or enabling technologies), but the possibility of new business opportunities and creative ways of solving problems.”

The nine trends that Deloitte believes most impact Australian based entities, also link through to the global trends which have been ranked by relevance, timeliness and readiness by the technology leaders in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

  1. Exponential watch list: Innovation on the horizon
    Brad Milliken, Deloitte Digital Partner outlines what leading organisations need to do to respond to emerging technologies despite many still being ill-equipped to handle exponential innovation.
  2. Digital Reality: what it is to be human
    Digital reality is the future of compelling content which stands out in a competitive, saturated market. Steve Hallam Deloitte Digital’s Lead Partner in Australia considers how a range of technologies and interactive design principles can unify to deliver engaging, immersive solutions.
  3. No Collar Workforce: the human edge
    Andrew Hill, Human Capital Consulting partner shares insights into the ‘No Collar Workforce’. Concerns about ‘robots taking our jobs’ are moderating into a more constructive, curiosity-oriented dialogue around the future of work, the evolving workplace, and workers themselves.
  4. Blockchain to Blockchains: into production
    Although blockchain and its derivative technologies are maturing rapidly, they continue to challenge performance, governance, privacy and regulatory compliance. Richard Miller, Deloitte Head of Payments, says the digital currency hype is detracting from moving blockchain use cases out of the lab and into production.
  5. Reengineering Technology Reengineering Technology: the CIO view
    Kevin Russo, Deloitte Lead Partner - Technology, Strategy & Architecture sees the change impact on our people as the biggest challenge, not the technology or developing the automation.
  6. Cyber Impact: managing the unknowns
    Katherine Robins, Deloitte Risk Advisory Partner alerts us to emerging cyber threats, and the scary fact that with every new technology there comes a new way to use that technology in a malicious way.
  7. Enterprise Data Sovereignty: the Australian view
    Robert Hillard, Managing Director of Deloitte Consulting and co-author of the Information-Driven Business considers the complexity of data sovereignty in Australia. While geographically at the bottom of the world, the information economy moves us into the cross roads of regimes in North America and Europe, as well as being part of the emerging trends in Asia.
  8. The API Imperative – an enabler
    Ben Wylie, Deloitte Consulting Partner and co-founder of Sixtree, Australia's leading integration specialist, notes with delight that APIs have finally hit the lingo radar of today’s business leaders. C-Level stakeholders are beginning to view technology as an enabler rather than a cost!
  9. The New Core: the questions to ask
    Deloitte Asia Pacific FS Technology Lead Partner Clifford Foster outlines the trade-offs needed as technology innovations raise customer expectations, new sources of revenue, and transform the competitive landscape, with existing wide ranges of products and channels needing support.

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