Speech analytics to boost Deloitte’s Conduct and Compliance capabilities

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Speech analytics to boost Deloitte’s Conduct and Compliance capabilities

18 September 2018: Deloitte has added a new solution to further boost its market leading capabilities in the area of Conduct and Compliance.

Melbourne based KnowledgeSpace – a leading provider of speech analytics – is joining the firm to provide better and deeper insights into customer behaviour for clients who have call centres crucial to their business. Its founder Mia Lander will join Deloitte as a partner, along with 10 staff in Deloitte’s Assurance and Advisory business.

Deloitte Chief Executive Officer Richard Deutsch said: “There is an obligation on nearly every business to have the right tools in place to protect reputation, remediate what’s gone wrong and comply with all the relevant legislation. Nobody provides a better service than Deloitte and the synergies with KnowledgeSpace are an important addition to what we can offer.”

KnowledgeSpace provides sophisticated voice and speech analytics across call centres with a commercialised intelligence approach that identifies patterns of repeated customer concerns and complaints in a number of areas including conduct, compliance, customer sentiment, loyalty, attrition and sales effectiveness.

Deloitte’s Managing Partner Assurance and Advisory Jamie Gatt said: “We’re impressed with what Mia has done with KnowledgeSpace and we’re delighted she chose to join us. They are already working with some of our major clients and what we can do now is bring Deloitte’s expertise to provide solutions to the identified problems.”

“Whether it is the financial services sector, energy or transport and manufacturing there is ongoing scrutiny on compliance, on the requirements around privacy, and on improved outcomes for customers. KnowledgeSpace is providing real-time data on where issues are developing.

“Conduct is one of our fastest growing offerings and as evidenced by the current Royal Commssion into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services corporations must be ready to fix problems before they occur.”    

KnowledgeSpace was developed 15 years ago and Mia Lander said: “Joining Deloitte allows us to scale-up our offering in the market. Having access to Deloitte’s pool of resources, expertise and talent, not only benefits our clients, but also our team’s ability to get bigger and better.”

The transaction will be completed by 24 September 2018, and the terms of the transaction remain confidential.

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