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“Western Sydney Airport is going ahead” says Minister for Urban Infrastructure

21 April 2017: Deloitte, in collaboration with The Committee for Sydney, today hosted at its Parramatta office, The Hon. Paul Fletcher, Minister for Urban Infrastucture, who provided an update on the delivery of the Western Sydney Airport.

Awaiting the Sydney Airport Groups’ response on 8 May to the Notice of Intention as to whether or not it will build and operate the Western Sydney Airport, Minister Fletcher assured the business community and local government leaders in Western Sydney that the Turnbull government is committed to seeing the airport go ahead and meet the timetables set, no matter who develops the airport.

“The end goal is the same in all of the scenarios – for Western Sydney Airport to be operational in 2026,” said Minister Fletcher.

Deloitte Western Sydney Managing Partner Danny Rezek said: “We were delighted to host the Minister’s announcement today and it is great to hear the government is committed to seeing the development of the Western Sydney Airport be fully executed. Deloitte has long supported the development of a 24/7 Western Sydney Airport, as it will greatly contribute to the prosperity and growth of the region. Along with many other advocates, we have been working with the Western Sydney community and actively participating in this conversation since the release of our economic analysis in 2013.”

As Minister Fletcher highlighted in his announcement, Deloitte Access Economics produced the report Economic impact of a Western Sydney Airport in 2013, commissioned by the NSW Business Chamber, which found a second Sydney airport located in Western Sydney would generate significant economic benefits for the region and for NSW more broadly, including over 30,000 jobs and $15 billion in economic output by 2050.

Rezek said: “Western Sydney has long suffered a jobs deficit, with Deloitte’s Shaping Future Cities: Designing Western Sydney blueprint indicating that around 300,000 people commute east for work every day –a figure that Minister Fletcher also touched on today. But the Western Sydney Airport provides the opportunity to change that.”

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