The world, let alone the M&A environment, on the other side of COVID-19 is going to look different, but unique times create unique opportunities.


In the third installment of our annual survey, we sat down with almost 60 Australian corporate heads of M&A to discuss deal activity in the face of an economic and health crisis.


Key themes

Contributors to the report identified six key themes

COVID-19: Deal making and opportunities for M&A

What do deals looks like in a world of social distancing and low confidence?


COVID-19: Capital raisings and defensive strategies

We’ve seen a spike in debt and equity raisings as firms look to bolster balance sheets.


Valuation and pricing are key factors for successful deals

Valuations have seen a double-whammy decline.


Divestments and consolidation of portfolios are key in 2020

Leaders are currently preparing for or considering a divestiture.


Transform while transacting

Leading companies are increasingly carrying out digital transformations while acquiring a company.


Macroeconomic view

Global and Australian economies are facing a recession as a result of COVID-19.

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