The ValueD advantage

With ValueD’s interactive functionality, data visualisation, and dashboards, you can generate insightful valuation analyses to tell “your story” by allowing you to drill down into valuation and business assumptions and underlying data sources.

ValueD. Value insights. Informed decisions.

  • Enhanced quality: Utilises AI and cognitive technologies coupled with our experience to enhance quality and reliability.
  • Business insights: Provides benchmarking and insights based on a variety of research and proprietary databases to deliver value creation insights that enable informed business decisions.
  • Dynamic modeling: Offers the ability to dynamically perform multi-variable sensitivity analysis and evaluate alternative scenarios on demand.
  • Data analysis: Provides an improved understanding of sources and calculations enabling you to uncover and convey true value.
  • Valuation management: Provides enhanced visibility of project status, enables real-time tracking of data requests, and facilitates response to data requests.

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Ian Turner

Ian Turner

Global Future of M&A Leader

Ian is the national leader of M&A and a member of the global firm’s M&A executive committee. He specialises in advising corporate clients and financial sponsors in capital market transactions providin... More