Supply Chain and Procurement


Supply Chain and Procurement

Building a resilient supply chain for sustainable value

Deloitte’s Supply Chain and Procurement practice helps organisations to respond, recover and thrive during and beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

We achieve this by increasing supply chain resilience, through improving demand forecasting using scenario planning and optimising inventory , supporting the prioritisation of digital innovation and investment to maximise impact and adopting a value and risk balance in sourcing to delivery strategic procurement value.

Supply chain resilience

Building resilient and efficient supply chains

COVID-19 has exposed organisations to a significant risk of large-scale supply chain disruption impacting organisations’ ability to meet their business objectives and requirements.

To help organisations increase supply chain transparency and resilience we use scenario planning and modelling technologies, data, advanced analytics, automation, structured tools and methods across:

  • inventory
  • production
  • logistics
  • distribution

This enables organisations to make better decisions on demand, inventory and production plans, logistics and cash flows, to reduce vulnerabilities and supply chain related risks.

Contact: John O’Connor, Partner and Tina Northcott, Director

Supply chain digitisation

Accelerating digital goals to enable success

Due to COVID-19, accelerated investment in digital solutions to better manage supply chain interruptions has become a key lever and enabler of success.

To navigate the complexities of these disruptive technologies and for better monitoring, managing and controlling of decisions and execution across organisations, we work with clients to innovate and utilise digital solutions in a tailored way, enabling:

  • transparency
  • operational agility
  • improved data quality

This transforms the supply chain into a supply network connected via a ‘digital thread’, built to flow information, goods and services through physical and digital channels.

We support businesses to establish the right vision, foundations and culture to accelerate their digital goals.

Contact: Chris Coldrick, Partner and John O’Connor, Partner

Procurement value delivery

Reassessing supply networks for sustainable value In a post COVID-19 world, organisations will need to shift their focus from consolidation and cost savings to balancing resilience, risk and strategic value.

By collaboratively working with our clients, we bring a holistic category and total cost of ownership view to sourcing. We will reassess current supply network and inbuilt risk strategies to:

  • reduce cost
  • manage risk
  • increase cash flow
  • improve data/information quality
  • reduce process inefficiencies
  • uplift capability

Deloitte’s global and local procurement capabilities, proven sourcing and supplier levers, tailored talent and digital capability uplift, combined with our integrated advisory model, delivers sustainable value for our clients through our ‘buy better, spend better’ approach.

Contact: Terry Innerst, Partner and Pragya Chaturvedi, Senior Manager

Trading with purpose - a win/win.

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