2021 Government Trends 

What are the most transformational trends in the public sector today?

The year 2020 brought a host of challenges for governments. How did they keep pace with COVID-19 as well as other economic and social disruptions? Nine trends illustrate the most sweeping transformation in governments worldwide.

The year 2020 was tumultuous, and government stood front and centre in not only confronting the biggest public health challenge in a century, but also dealing with major economic and social disruptions.

New programs were rolled out seemingly overnight, and at a massive scale. Government is usually associated with incremental change, but 2020 was a year of discontinuity. The shifts we saw in government operations reflect the dramatic changes happening in the world at large. 

The 2021 Government Trends captures nine of the most transformative trends in government today. The report distils years of research on government operations, coupled with on-the-ground coverage of what is happening in the trenches right now.

2021 Government Trends

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Published: April 2021

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